Winterproofing the Electric Bike – Six Important Steps

Bad weather, it isn’t just bad for ones’ health but also for the e-bikes lying around in the shade or the garage, and one must never mix winter and electric bikes.

All around the year, the electric bikes are one amazing tool, and in bad weather, one must think of locking it away but believe it, riding it is safer most of the time. The wintery situation is definitely difficult for a two-wheeler ride, but with proper navigation, the risks can be dealt with effectively. So, in order to ensure one can carry out the ride during winter, the article herein discusses steps for waterproofing the e-bike. Follow it and enjoy the ride.

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Unavoidable puddle, getting sprayed on the back with the splashback, because of the tires, it can be worst. In most e-bikes, mudguards are fitted, and if not, one must fit it themselves to protect oneself from the unwanted spray, bike’s frame, and any other components by ensuring that the spray is under control and is localized around the wheel area.

Winter Tyres fittings

For tires, winters are tough, and even when worn, tires seem to be tempting for use, push back and replace them as one wouldn’t wish the worn out tires to get more damaged or punctured (multiplied chances with worn tires).

On slippery roads, the lower thread, the worn rubber (potentially), will give a lower grip than the dedicated alternatives. So, using fresh winter tires would be helpful. Just make sure to have tires with puncture protection and a better thread level.

Light Fittings

Do not think of getting away from it as the days are shorter and dawn come later during winter, and moving on the slippery roads on a wintery night can be very difficult with low light during the night.

Generally, most e-bikes come with battery pack lights, built-in. But one must ensure to keep an additional light fit to ensure extra attention drawn (front and rear light combo with flashing modes will help down the road).

Clean regularly

It is one effective maintenance means to ensure no excess wear due to settled dirt, water, grit, salt, and grime all splashed on the components and frame. All of it can lead to squeaking noises and annoying creaks. It affects the efficiency too, and sometimes by winter’s end, one needs to make a lot of replacements as the components get worn and stretched. One should also re-lubricate the chain-based drive system of the e-bike regularly.

Battery protection

Motor and the battery system are designed to work well even during winter, and any weather should not stop one from using e-bikes, but it is important that the battery cells are protected from the cold condition, prolonged exposure. Also, do not leave the e-bike to chill as it will badly affect the battery performance.

So, ensure to remove the battery and store it in a non-insulated area like the shed. Towel the battery (and surrounding area) if the e-bike is wet after the ride to avoid it from getting water connections.

Regular services check-in

Using the help of an expert technician helps the e-bike to be kept in tip-top condition. Giving a regular visit and following all the above waterproofing tips will help ensure the efficiency of the e-bike.

Connect with the technician and let them diagnose and handle the potential wear issues. Just remember, instead of finding a reason, begin today towards a healthy lifestyle. Avoid giving reasons and make a start. The rest all is manageable.