What to Do When Electric Scooter Isn’t Charging?

Knowing about battery and charging of the electric scooter is necessary if one depends on it for the regular commute. The knowledge attained will keep one in a better position for taking care of it all. So, considering the same, this article will provide some possible reasons as to why there are concerns with the electric scooter charging and what can be done to improve the battery life of the electric scooter by taking little care of it.

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Why isn’t the electric scooter charging? 

If there is an e-scooter charging concern, start with getting through the charging process. Make sure to connect the battery charger with the electrical power outlet and turn on the switch. If the charger glows green, it is good to work.

So, once sure about working charger, connect the charging port with the charger’s battery end and turn the power on. The charger LED will now glow red (charging under progress). Let the charging continue as per the manual (3-12hrs). The charger would glow green as the battery gets charged and ready to be removed. 

Sometimes the battery doesn’t get charged even when put to charge for hrs as specified by the manual. Well, for it there can be many reasons, as specified below,

Is the charger correct? Do not mix up the charger if you have more than one. Look for the chargers printed label (charger voltage must be marginally more than battery voltage).

  • Battery check- Is it at the end of life?

Removing the footboard, make a physical examination of the battery for leakage and if its fine check for battery’s voltage (marginally greater than stated value). If it is low, it needs replacement. Get the battery history verified and if in any doubt connect with battery technician.

  • No green LED glow when connected to the mains

If the charger is having a circuit breaker or built-in-fuse, correct the situation and get it working. But if the same is intact, use Voltmeter/Multimeter and check the charger’s voltage output (if 0 or less than it, it is a faulty charger).

  • Charger port and main current. Check it

Sometimes charger port loosens up or has a loose connection. Checking the port using multimeter will help know it and make the replacement.

  • Within a little time, the charger LED became green

As per the manual, allow the charging as recommended and if the rated output is not received, get the battery checked. An aged battery loses voltage faster.

Things to do for improving battery life of Electric Scooter

The battery life here can be measured considering the charging cycles number, miles covered, a number of years but in general, its dependent on how it is used and how well is it taken care of. Remember, the e-scooters are hight durable, reliable, and they need maintenance and must take care of its delicate and sensitive parts.

Some steps to follow for improving battery life, are:

  • No overcharging- It reduces battery life and can damage it.
  • Do not charge the battery just after the ride. Take a 15 and allow the battery to cool.
  • Use the correct charger for better compatibility.
  • Charge battery in a cool and ventilated place.
  • No overloading.
  • No relying on the display of electric scooter for the charging status. See the green light and then remove the charger.
  • Charge every day or after every use. Just do not overcharge.
  • Keep battery history (identity number, manufacture date, use date and alike).
  • Do not park the scooter in the water/dust/rodents-exposed area.
  • No waiting for the battery to drain completely.


As a vehicle, the electric scooter is quite reliable and eco-friendly, and its heart is the battery. So, make sure that better care can be taken of it, to reduce the chances of damage or increased cost for maintenance. Follow the steps as said above and have a great ride for many upcoming years.