Riding Electric Scooters- 10 Tips to Ride It Right 

The world today has moved past the old scooters. There have been so many changes around, and thanks to technology, it has taken over road and the commutes. The best example is the electric scooters, one safe ride but that too need to follow some tips, to ensure nothing on the road is overlooked. Based on it, the below-mentioned provides the ten tips to know before setting out for a ride.

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  1. Tires check

Before every ride makes it mandatory to keep a check over the tires air pressure and a constant check over the worn-out threads and ensure to replace it, if necessary.

  1. Body Protection

Precautions are needed to avert accidents, so using protective helmets, elbow and knee pads, it should be necessitated to protect sensitive skin from scratches/scrapes. Even a glove would be helpful for having a better handlebar grip.

  1. Keep the Focus

While riding losing focus is quite easy. Do not do that. Keep an eye over the pedestrians, barriers and the traffic, so as to avoid accidents and also to abide by the rules and regulations. Just make sure to not be a part of the infested area.

  1. During Lightning Storms- Avoid rides

Thunderstorms and rain make a ride dangerous. So, one must stop and seek refuge in case lightning storms occurs. Lightning can be very dangerous (with electric scooter especially).

  1. Avoid Barriers

Crevices, potholes, etc. are some the barriers that cause bike accidents. So, one must make sure to ride with stop and slow down and if not possible to stop, try to head towards the less crowded area/away from the traffic. Just be aware of the puddles as this may be harmless, but sometimes it can be very dangerous.

  1. Slippery Surfaces- Avoid it

Slippery/wet surface (marble tiles, muddy sidewalks, wet streets, etc.) are to be avoided. Tires become more difficult to be balanced with water on the road and if the friction gets reduced in between roads and tires, it causes injuries. So, keeping low speed when moving through wet terrain is beneficial.

  1. Give the Manual a Read

Manuals are concise, totally accurate and highly informative and the best is, they are easy to read. They have all information in regards to maintenance, usage, and much more. So, ensure to make reading manual the foremost step to get familiar with e-scooter control.

  1. Know Local and State Laws

Local/State laws, it is according to it that one can decide if they can ride the electric scooter legally. If the state allows it, sometimes the city doesn’t. So, know the laws regards to e-bikes and ask some questions if needed. Just know, being educated is better than being caught for being unknown.

  1. Hand Signals- Use it

Remain aware of the surrounding, it is very important and makes sure to use the hand signals (arm movements for turning right/left or stopping) for the passer-by, wherever required. Region-wise or community-wise these signals may vary. So, make sure to remain aware of the signal and make the other drivers or pedestrians aware of it.

Also, ensure to look for any pedestrians clearly before making any turn and be careful as electric scooters are difficult to operate using just one hand.

  1. Unfavourable Riding Conditions are to be avoided

Natural/rough road conditions or the uneven pavement and the low crowds are to be avoided. There are some e-scooters which are equipped with the LED headlights, so one can use it too but avoid low-light conditions. This sometimes makes it difficult to see what exists in front, if one is traveling faster (> than 10/11/12 mph). Make sure to stay away from the sharp inclines too.


Follow the above-mentioned tips and avoid any situation of crash or accidents. It will be helpful for all places and situations. Make sure to also abide by rules and regulations and do not attract any legal actions.