Top Tips – How to Get the Bike Ready?

As an add-on to the New Year’s resolution, all wish to have an active lifestyle. However, not all generally achieve it. But what if there was an easy way to do so? Well, using the e-bikes or the bikes, it is one brilliant way, to begin with. one can take out their tucked-in perfectly usable bikes, take a few steps and begin the journey of being active.

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Herein discussed are some tips for getting the bike in the right shape. Read it and try to use the maximum of the knowledge attained.

Clear the Bike

This is the first step, and servicing the dirty bike would help one to begin with. For anyone who doesn’t intend to service it themselves, cover the basic. Try to handle the simple maintenance tasks by yourself instead of getting covered in dirty oil and dry mud.

Use a hardwearing soap and soapy water (warm) and begin. Work your way from top to the bottom to ensure the grime and dirty water run down to the floor from the bike. Once done with the soapy water, use the garden hose and rinse down the bike/e-bike.

Safety check

After the bike dries up, check out the frame and other components like the form to look for cracks or the corrosion obvious signs. It will be easily visible on a light-colored frame. Also, give an eye over the bolts and joints for rust, which wasn’t removed during washing.

Excess flexing in the frame is also to be checked as it indicates any breakage/creaking, which at sources isn’t visible. In case it exists, there is a requirement to strip down components like a headset, bottom bracket, and alike, cleaned, and then be re-fitted. Also, look for any extra rust and the belt drive for any wear or cracks, and if the pedals are not working well and one is struggling, most likely, it needs to be replaced.

Inflating tires after check

They degrade fast as rubber age quick with extreme temperature. So, look for splits and cracks on the sidewalls. Swap a new set if it exists as with cracks or splits, it is less resistant to punctures than they are required to be. However, if it is in good condition, pump it with the pressure (can be found on the tire sidewall) and keep it within range, as tires are designed for providing the optimal grip and are meant to be puncture-resistant, irrespective of the pressure.

Chain lubrication

It is required for smooth working but before lubrication, clean the same using an old sponge or any bristled brush (hard) for dislodging the dirt lumps. Dealing with clumpy/frozen chains using a chain degreaser will be helpful to dissolve the muck therein.

Make sure to repeat the process of cleaning until the chain surface is visible. Then dry the chain using a kitchen roll and apply the chain lube to the chain link and then spin the cranks few times to ensure it did work its way out through the links.

Clamps- Ensure its working order

Clamps hold important parts like the seat-post, wheels, handlebar, so check if it is secured and see if the bolts are not locked up/fused to a part that is attached with the bike. If one faced concern with adjusting saddle height and Seatpost clamp is to be loosened, spray lubricant will be helpful here but if the concern exists, consult the qualified mechanic.

Check connections and charge the battery

The battery system is to be checked for e-bikes. Start with putting the battery on full charge cycle. Once done, use it and check for battery capacity (it suffers due to inactivity).

Look out for corrosion at the contact points and if the damage is suspected, take it to the store or mechanics to work on it. Hope this post was helpful enough and if not, make sure to reach out to a professional with unforeseen problems. They will be helpful in helping to apply their expertise to give full-servicing.