Achieving High Speeds on the Hybrid Bike

Trekking or any adventure trip, it has increased the demand for hybrid bikes in the market today. These bikes are known to provide an adrenaline rush that one experiences while riding mountain/road bikes. But remember that these hybrid bikes are much cheaper to buy. One can get it below the price of a road bike, and this is why people today are diverting their attention towards it.

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Hybrid bikes make speed our one ultimate friend, and for achieving the high speed, there are different techniques that one can apply. This article will provide information for it all. Just give it a read to know more.

Speed Monitoring

The cyclometer is helpful in measuring the speed. It is available in shops that sell hybrid bikes/mountain bikes, and it provides an idea of the complete effort that is put in by one for their ride. The device also helps in measuring the distance. One can start measuring the distance and speed they cover every day. It will not just help for motivating for pushing oneself a bit harder, and if one has maintained physical fitness, the speed will increase too. 

Gear Techniques Application

For increasing the riding speed and the overall efficiency, knowing proper gear techniques will be a big support. It should match up to provide a comfortable feel, and one must push a bit to get out of the comfort zone so as to ensure achieving high speed.

Gear techniques and their appropriate type are also dependent on the physical strength one has and also on the roads. So, spin for 10-15mins before you decide to ride for one hr and ensure to maintain the higher revolutions per minute, with a low gear ratio and finally full efforts of 5-mins, at the gear combination at a higher level. When reached this level, slow down a bit and at a lower gear, try to maintain the spinning process and keep repeating the process. Do not forget to check for the heart rate the whole time while trying to raise or lowering of gear. Try to calm the heartbeat while playing the gear.

Time makes one improve their techniques, and in a situation like this, leveling the effort time, trying to lower spinning time would be great. So, if one is riding with the full strength on the very first day, on day two, try to spin around. It will give the proper time, and space one needs for strengthening and developing the leg muscles.

A Daily Ride

Make sure to take a little time from the schedule, take the hybrid bike, and go out for the ride. Make sure to repeat this daily for at least an hour or even two as it helps in increasing the speed of the ride. It will be very helpful for strengthening the leg muscle with time, too, and will also provide a bigger push for the bike’s speed.

Nutritious Food only

It is essential (before/after cycling). Do not eat much before moving out for the bike ride and ensure the diet to be filled with carbohydrates (increases energy and will provide the boost needed). The food diet helps to increases speed, which is higher than the normal.

Workout- Go For it

Physical fitness is quite mandatory to maintain bike speed. So, ensure to do some of the exercises that will be very helpful for strengthening the leg and the core muscles. One can even try gym but under proper supervision. Even maintaining the riding/cycling on the alternate days, it will be helpful for adding extra strength to the core muscles and the leg muscles.

Pro Rider Ride

If needed, join the cycling group of the pro riders or get along with a friend/family who is really good with high-speed rides. One will gain additional information, and it will also help in improving the techniques. Motivation also kicks in with seeing someone close riding at speed.


Hoping all the abovesaid information was enough to get the answers to what one was looking for. Well, these were some basic information; one can get more than this while riding with the pro riders. Do not wait. Go out on a ride today.

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